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Common Buildings

The first 2 buildings in progress on EarthArt land are common buildings, providing basic facilities for multi-purpose and common activities (gatherings, office space, bunkhouse, produce preparation, etc.)

The larger common building, referred to as “The Barn” is about 1,800 sq. ft. - 1,300 downstairs and 500 up. The Barn was built almost entirely with natural or recycled materials - it's a 2 story pole and frame barn structure, wrapped in straw bales, with a dark blue metal roof. In addition to the excellent insulation achieved by the stuccoed strawbale walls, the roof and south walls use cotton insulation. The common buildings are powered by the sun, and heated by a combination of passive solar, wood stove and back-up propane heaters. A radiant heat poured adobe floor is planned for the Barn, and is intended to replace the use of fuel consumption for heat.

“The shed”, a 1,000 sq. ft. building beside the barn was renovated from the delapidated sheep shed that's been here for unknown decades. It is a utility, storage and agricultural building. Rooms are in progress for bulk food storage, power room (batteries, inverters, etc.), tool, equipment and misc. storage. The power room and storage area are already in use. Work remains to complete the other rooms to be useful for the intended purposes.

The Barn Start, September 1998

The Barn, July, 1999

The original shed, June 1999

Shed renovation, July 1999

Shed August 1999

Barn Complex - May 2000